Mid OW 1-10 raid

On Wednesday, 10. October 2018
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I'll be leading a Otherwordly Campaign on Wednesday October 10th

BG leave at 6:00pm EST meet at arin snowtouch in Vanern swamp ... make sure to have the prologue completed

Check https://everytimezone.com/ for the correct time information.

Please be prompt.

BG Leader Zlurfaam (BG open 1 hour before)

be sure to use discord : https://discord.gg/p99K9X channel Daoc-raid

Prologue Step:
go to Athr Hasetti Theyr in the king throne room

then go to galplen speak with the npc there (sorry i don't recall the npc name )

then head to vanern swamp with an horse from gna faste and meet at arin snowtouch
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