Why does BS hate paladins?

over the last patches paladins have been hit with the nerf bat a lot...took away our weak heal chant and gave an insty that heals for less than the chant over the same time. (it did about the same as skald heal chant at thid level and only usable in combat unlike skalds) then the af nerf..nerfed the chant a lot.. and the self buff.. and after last patch nerfed it again. Pallies are on the weakest damage table for mellee. You take our tools away and act like you did us a favor!!! we needed the af due to the fact that we hit like a wet noodle...2h pally hits harder but still gimped due to the fact you to spec 2 lines to do it. Did some mid get wrecked by a pally and cried to broadsword.. This is a nother example of broadsword gimping albs while buffing up mids.. I call bulls----!


  • I think they should give Paladins sojourner and remove warlord. They have the exact same ML right as the Arms, and alb has no EC sojourner access unlike other realms.
  • what is wrong with paladins ?
    they are basically a 'weak armsman' with huge group utility and good self buffs ???. i'm probably more scared of a paladin then from an armsman one on one. this sort of class can survive me while i kill myself with my self buffs one vs one. and without my self buffs they just kill me.
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  • well broad sword has been on a nerf pally kick last year or so..constant nerf of the af. and the heal chant was much bewtter than the crappy 1 min timered heal.damage seems to have dropped too. While our heal chant only did at 50..a skald does in thid..and it only ran in combat..
    losing 150 af is a lot.
    our damage table is the lowest in game . We needed the af. Making a pally a healer..the cost is too high. they have taken what made a pally away.
  • One of the Illuminati members must have died to one.
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  • IDK essentially they are an Armsman with more utility and they can also heal...
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