just to share that I played the open beta back then. And I can remember a live stress test of everyone in RvR. There was a rumor in albion ranks about a midgard level 40 something scaring everyone and I did participate with a level 13 infiltrator (yeah brave like that !).

And the guards were butchering everyone that was coming too close :D. But then even the mobs were butchering anyone moving away from the road. glorious moments.

never been a big player, never went above something like level 40. (played a few month around 1st expansion and lost the game from my radar at trial of atlantis) but I'm so happy to play it right now on a free account.

A bit sad to see cotswold now when the last time I was there it was so busy.

I'm a bit skeptical to be honest, because from my memories most of the game was about PvE and people screaming "lfg" in regional chat.

And right now most people are already 50 with very little "flow" of players in the various zone of the game to group with.Althought surprisingly I saw some people around. and the /who is much better than what I expected.

Reminds me of why T4C (an even older game) had a system to reroll a max level players into a level 1 with some benefits so that old players were kept in the loop where they could actually play with low level.

anyway, going to stick with it a little while :)


  • i think for most people leveling 1 - 50 is just a 4 hour waste of time when creating a rvr (level 50) char these days. yeah, if you want to do the long time consuming 1 - 50 in the classic pve zones, relying on lfg to group with random people ... yeah, that's a thing of the past.
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