Friday Grab Bag - 03/13/2020

It's a Friday the 13th Grab Bag!

Things are rather crazy across the globe at the moment so please stay safe, follow the recommended guidelines on personal hygiene and limit any unnecessary social contact as much as possible!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use ourfeedback form :)

Read on for this week's questions :)

I know tanks get more base dmg and style after full realm rank, but why don’t get druid/wardens heals get some points more when they reach a realm rank ?

Heals are simply balanced a bit differently than melee and spell damage. Damage can only critical hit up to 50% of their base damage while heals can critical up to 100% of their base heal.

Additionally, players can obtain 25% healing bonus (contrasted to only 10% for melee and spell damage) via item bonuses and can utilize several class abilities that can increase healing effectiveness on their targets even further. If heals were setup exactly like spell damage then we could look at having realm rank increase the effectiveness of them but we are quite happy with how heals are balanced at the moment.

How is the chance for critical heals calculated? What is the cap? Can all heal spells crit? (single heal, group heal, spread heal)

First, spreadheals, single-target, and instant heals can all critical hit. Health regens and HoTs (unless they print out the amount healed in the combat log) cannot critical hit.

Second, there is no base chance to critical hit on heals. All classes with heals must train in the Wild Healing realm ability to have a chance to critical hit on their heals. The chance from the Wild Healing RA (depends on its trained level) is effectively the critical hit chance on a character's heals as no other critical buff affects heals.

Lastly, unlike damage abilities, heals can critical up to 100% of the heal’s base value (meaning, the heal’s value before any healing bonus is applied). So if a greater heal is healing for 500 on a single target (with 0% healing bonus stats equipped), it can critical hit for up to 500 additional healing (1,000 total).

Continuing this example, this can get confusing when a target only needs to be healed, say, 250 hp and the combat log shows a critical hit for >250 while the amount healed is only 250. This is because the critical heal amount is based on the heal potential of the spell (500 in this example) and not on the actual amount healed.

If in this example the healer did have +25% healing bonus their same heal would now heal for 625 (500 * 1.25 = 600) but their heal’s critical cap would still be 500 (for a total heal of up to 1,125).

Does the dread guardian spirit debuff stack with any other spirit debuff? Does +healing help pets heal more or does it help you receive more healing?

No, magic resist debuffs from pets do not stack with player-casted magic resist debuffs (or other pet-based ones). The highest value magic resist debuff is the one that takes effect.

% Healing Bonus stats on a character do not affect how much a pet can heal for. However, if a healing effectiveness buff (from a Shaman or was cast onto a pet, that would increase the pet’s healing.

I was wondering if the Armsman R5 would put the blocking rate in RvR past the 50% limit?

Example, if I have 25% base block chance (from items and RAs), will using my
R5 bring me to 75% block chance?

Yes, the realm rank 5 ability will take players over the 50% block AND 50% parry limits.

I have 2 Bonedancers (Supp & BA). When I use the healer pet it doesn't seem to want to heal. When in pve it has allowed me to go down to around 60% health range. It also allowed my main pet to get to a health of around 60% (haven't tested lower health). I have waited after battle to see if then, it will heal but it never does. I will then dismiss this healer, summon another one and this one WILL heal. I have tried them both in passive and defensive mode and same results. The last time I focus played a bd, the pet(s) would wait until around 85% and then start healing. What should I be expecting from this pet?

Thanks for this report. After looking into it, there was a bug preventing some of the Bonedancer sub-pets from restarting their cast-attempts after they were interrupted. This has been fixed on live as of this posting.

The fossil healer sub-pet should attempt to heal the commander, its sub-pets, or the bonedancer at any values less than 75% health and this seems to be working correctly. The Dread Guardian commander's heal threshold is 90% health.

Remember, stay safe, and wash those hands!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone :)

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  • I thought block rate was capped at 60%. Something change?
    "The grab bag isn't for explaining every single class change decision or reasoning or that's all we would ever do." - John_Broadsword
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  • Awesome! Another week where all of the hottest questions related to DAOC have been answered!
  • When they chance on block have change ? Its 60% no ?
  • My last info was 50%...dunno when it changed.
  • "The grab bag isn't for explaining every single class change decision or reasoning or that's all we would ever do." - John_Broadsword
    "The type of of dev communication of 30 mins a day updates mentioned here just isn't feasible." - Carol_Broadsword
    "Our Studio. Our Rules." -
  • So confusing lol
  • IDK why we expect grab bags to be accurate, the entire website isn't still. No official source on anything atm, just a bunch of random opinions.
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