Live Server Downtime for Endless Conquest Launch and 1.126 [*Servers up!*]

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All live servers will be coming down tomorrow, Tuesday 11/12/19, at 5:45AM EDT / 10:45AM GMT for patch 1.126 and the launch of Endless Conquest!

Endless Conquest is here! Once the servers are back up, Dark Age of Camelot will be able to be played for free (with some restrictions) without an end date on both Ywain and Gaheris.

Eligible accounts should receive an email by the end of tomorrow but even if the email hasn't come through, any previously subscribed account that has been inactive for 180+ days and is in good-standing is eligible to play for free as soon as the servers return!

If you are just finding DAoC or are a returning veteran, please check out our new and returning player guides to familiarize yourself with the game and all of its updates. There's never been a better time than now to Come back to Camelot!

Download the client for free now and once the servers are back up, visit our Account Center and create a new account or return for free on an eligible one!

Check out the 1.126 patch notes here!

  • Come back to Dark Age of Camelot with Endless Conquest and play for free (with some restrictions) without an end date!
  • Getting back into the game has never been easier with new and improved Returning player quest rewards and updated King’s Armor freely given to all level 50s!
    • Is the new King's gear better than your own? Maybe!
    • Returning accounts that already received the old returning player quest can still get the new and improved one!
  • Been a long-time subscriber? Check out the new Veteran Rewards!
    • All "EU" accounts have been gifted +4 years of eligibility!
  • Changes galore to RvR quest rewards, objectives, and Ruined Keeps!
  • New wares are available in the Mithril Shop including the new Omni Dyes and much more!
  • New quests have been added to the newly streamlined New User Journey!
  • Check out the new class changes including updates to AoE mezzes, Stealth mechanics, and the return of PBAoE bombs (and more)!


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    oh my ... this is going live. may god help us all. the pbaoe and mezz changes, omg.
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  • Not sure if this is a good place to put this but people were talking in game today (hib) about how some people have/use "Heart of Agramon". As far as I knew that's a Gaheris only item (20x group siege buff, 2 min duration). It's possible it was given out on EU servers but it's definitely named "Heart of Agramon". People were trying to buy it.
  • Cant wait!
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    Disappointing the Mauler changes to Aura Convergnace 50 AM spell.
    Steals 50% of your (friendly) groups power and power leeching from enemies reduced from 2000 units to only 500.
    This is essentially worthless in the open field, and worthless to use because it will steal 50% power from your group...

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  • Battlemaster Master Level

    All AoE Battlemaster styles have had their radius reduced from 350 to 150 units

    No more power leaking for IRC vs. the Zergs
  • Any idea when the servers will be live?
  • Power leak spam was more of a Herorius thing than IRC. They only started using it recently.
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    New bug: Lower versions of the Mithril/returning player RP/BP/xp buffs overwrite higher versions.

    If you have the 50% realm point bonus (or the BP/XP versions) or the 25% realm point bonus buff active, and you accidentally use the 10% or 25% realm point bonus buff (mithril shop or returning player), it will overwrite.

    This applies to the 3 charge and the 30 charge versions. (delve says "can only be overwritten by itself or stronger versions")
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  • Server list is up, still can't log in. Any news of eta?
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    I think that means they finished the server upload and ran whatever search/tests on the data they needed to do. I'd estimate an hour tops after server lists come up and we should be able to log in. They probably need to do internal testing of live before they open it up. That would put it up hopefully for Hero's normal start time.
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  • Thank you!
  • They took it down again which it seems like they do for last second fixes. Hoping they run their checks and its up soon.
  • Hopefully, it's been a long morning! :/
  • Server list is populated, can create accounts ect. But alas servers still down :open_mouth:
  • The account center is closed as well, so I wonder if they are trying to link game accounts to show years active and when the next year active will come up (they did say that was one of the things they were going to get to at some point). Tons of stuff in this patch so who knows.
  • I’m at work so hopefully by the time I get on around 8pm est they’ll be up?
  • It's frustrating that they didn't get an estimated time.
  • @Koe Account center opened just after 2:00pm est , shows it still open to me.
  • looks like it it might up i just logged in
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  • Patch 1.126 and Endless Conquest is LIVE!

    Ywain and Gaheris are open to players and the Account Center is once again available!
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  • Account Center will be down for maintenance starting now. We'll update here when we have a solid ETA for it be back up. We're fixing an issue with accounts that upgraded from EC -> Veteran not having their EC restrictions unflagged.
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  • The Account Center is back online, thanks for your patience all! (You may need to refresh your browser's cache to see it).
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  • @Carol_Broadsword

    Are all daoc accounts that havent been active (subscribed) in 180 days able to log in as an EC account or say if i have multiple accounts and one currently is subscribed but have others that have been inactive for well over the 180days are they not eligiable because i have one account that is currently subscribed?

  • I am trying to figure out where my characters exist and which realms they are. Over the years with the migrations, consolidations, mergers and complete new servers I have no idea where my chars are.

    DAOC/BroadSword says the chars are listed under the Account but I don't see anything.
    "All of your characters are still around and can be found on the Account Center....."
  • razor667 wrote: »
    I am trying to figure out where my characters exist and which realms they are. Over the years with the migrations, consolidations, mergers and complete new servers I have no idea where my chars are.

    DAOC/BroadSword says the chars are listed under the Account but I don't see anything.
    "All of your characters are still around and can be found on the Account Center....."

    The characters will be showing on the Account Center in a week or two. For now you can send an email to and they will reply back with a full character/server listing.
  • How will playing EC now affect my accounts when I resubscribe?
  • That (^) question can be removed.
    Not sure where to post this one, though:
    I just bought (with the free 5 plat coin) a set of Mistbound gear for a hero that is already using the champion set. Both sets delve identical. The question is: was the set the hero already has on automatically updated to the "new" kings armor? If so, question answered. If not the new armor has not been upgraded.
    I ask this because I am thinking of using the free 5 plat coin on my main hero but am reluctant to do so if the armor is the same as it was before this latest patch.
    Thanks in advance.
    Cartoan former Celtic Ranger and returning player
  • Armour is the same @Cartoan auto upgraded :)
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  • awesome thanks
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