Heretic hybrid spec nerf

Dear broadsword,

I just finished my heretic template and I can't tell how I was surprised by the nerf heretic took in the last patch (my bad I haven't read the patch correctly).

I mean, I was so happy by the fact you improve enhance line so you could only spec for 43 instead of 50 in order to play the class in a more hybrid way.
In other hand, you nerfed the uninterruptible spell level 36 / 42 into the ground.

I wanted to play a 50flex 43enh 36rej spec (or something 44flex 42rej) and I saw that damage spell were capped to 250 on a rvr target while few years ago I could go up to 600 with level 36spell after few spell focus...

At the point I feel that hybrid spec was better when I used to be 50enh 44flex 36rej due to the rej nerf.


  • appearently you didnt play it out in rvr either
  • Itickle wrote: »
    appearently you didnt play it out in rvr either

    why do you say that? You tried the spec 36rej in 50 RvR recently? I'm happy to get your pov.
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    you effectively got the equivalent of an increase in spec points (having to spec less high to get the same buffs) or having a huge boost in one spec (way better buffs when speccing as high as before) and you complain about a nerf to a single spell ?
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  • I am complaining because after this patch you should be able to spec heretic more hybridly but fact is nothing changed.
    If you want to have a simulacre of same spec as before you need to spec at least 42 heal instead of 36 so basically nothing changed for hybrids.

    Yeah if you want to spec full caster or full tank spec, you recieved a up but yeah, those spec are boring :pensive:
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