Loyalty Cloak Disappeared: 20+hrs Waiting For CSR

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On the 10th of August 2018 I did the Loyalty Cloak Quest on three different toons on the same account, same server and the same realm. All characters meet the requirement for The Loyalty Cloak.

One of these toons is now missing the cloak. He previously had it and it was equipped. I logged him off to turn in the quest on the other two characters. I logged him back on to begin xping the cloak. It was missing.

The /quest log shows the Loyalty Cloak Quest completed and the King will not reissue the quest.

I contacted Carol via Facebook Messenger and she told me to email support@darkageofcamelot.com.

I've emailed support@darkageofcamelot.com twice. They said this issue could only be handled by a CSR in game.

I've had my accounts logged in, waiting for a CSR since nearly Midnight EST on the 10th.

I believe that a calm and professional attitude goes a lot further than an aggressive rant to customer service. However, this is absolutely rediculous. What am I paying for here? Certainly not customer service.

If this issue is not resolved this week, I am done and my 8 accounts will be closed. The last time I closed my account ... I was gone for 12 years. Based on the state of the game, I don't think Dark Age of Camelot can afford to many more unsatisfied customers.

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