Friday Grab Bag - 08/03/2018

Welcome to this week's Grab Bag!

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As always, thanks everyone for your questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the questions!

In the Friday Grab Bag from 7/20/2018 you mention changes in patch 1.124 for setting prices on a consignment merchant. However, I tested these changes today and the only thing I can do is hold SHIFT + click the number increment spin control and have values increment by 10's. Increment by 100's and 1000's as described are not working. Is there something that I am missing?

Our mistake.

The Incrementing with CTRL+Left-click and CTRL+SHIFT+Left-click for now only works on the “default” value chooser window (the one you see when selecting money from your paperdoll, on the trade window, or when editing stacks of items). We have the consignment merchant money selector window on our list for this update too, but it’s a bit more involved and so isn’t part of 1.125.

Apologies for the confusion!

Should the “Bonus to Heal Effectiveness” increase the healing of the Animist:

- “Grove Druid” FnF turrets? Test shows no change.

- “Shroom of Life” Lvl 50 instant self-heal pet? Not tested.

- “Rejuvenating Spirit” controlled pet healing spell casted by animist?

(It seems to work with this spell)

- “Spirit of Replenishing” pet regen spell? Regen spell doesn’t do much at all regardless.

What about “Life tap” spells in general?

The Grove Druid and the Shroom of Life fire and forget pets are not affected by a character’s heal bonus stat simply because they are duration-based pets that can select their own targets once spawned and are not a directed at a specific target from the Animist. It’s a nuanced difference because the Rejuvenating Spirit line of heals are also a duration-based pet but they are specifically directed towards a target by the Animist and so are affected by the Animist’s healing effectiveness stat.

Regen spells are not affected by the Animist’s healing effectiveness stat since health regeneration spells are separate from healing spells. The stat that would coincide with a regen spell would be the mythical health regeneration stat; which would stack with a health regen buff (if a pet could have the stat). The Healing effectiveness stat would only affect heal-over-times or “regen” spells that actually print out a healing value to the target each tick, and not ones that simply increase the rate of base health regeneration.

Lastly, lifetaps are not considered “healing” spells. They heal a straight percentage value based on the damage dealt. They are not affected by the healing effectiveness stat at all.

Does the 15% abs debuff from pict/Ancient Longsword stack with the Hallowed Sword 10% abs debuff?  Both icons appear in a test duel, not sure if it is stacking or co-existing, if they do stack does this give a 25% abs debuff?

No, they co-exist but the ABS% debuff that was applied *first* taking precedence, regardless of the delve value. The same can be said when there is an absorption debuff that has a delve of “-X%” instead of “X%”. The debuff that is applied first is the one that is used for damage calculations.

The lone exception to this are the special ABS% debuffs for assassin Critical Strike styles that can stack with each other and the normal ABS% debuffs too.

Does the CL 5% abs buff stack with casters self abs buff?


Is there any way you can create a new potion in Alchemy - Cauldron of Supremacy/Celerity etc. which has higher charges with the corresponding ingredient increase?

This is something planned with the 1.125 patch, stay tuned for details!

Until next time.....see you in the frontiers! :)
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