Valewalker style changes


I was wondering if any consideration was on the table regarding changes to valewalker styles for the upcoming patch. My main concern is with the opening style in the evade chain; it is a fairly useless style.

Also, is it unreasonable to ask for a reduction in the reuse timer for the pbaoe haste buff from 90s to 60s?

Lastly, has there been any talk of adjusting how resist rates for style procs will work? I know right now that the resist rate is affected by style level and the level of the target it is used against. It just sucks that there’s a crazy high resist rate on blizzard blade if I don’t run MoF5 or higher. That’s a lot of realm skill points!

Thanks for your time.


  • Valewalker... Such a great versatile class. Even with all it has going for it, there are definitely some tweaks that can be made.

    Specificity to address the ones you mentioned, as well as others, I can offer a few suggestions:

    Having a damage add style that does not co exist or stack with our casted damage add is not very helpful is it? Infact it's kind of embarrassing that this is in the game. If it just stacked with our casted DA it would be sufficient. I would prefer a DD attached of course similar to thanes lamblast lvl 39 axe 75DD and Mjolnir's Fury lvl 50 axe 175DD

    However, since we are talking about a lvl 8 and a lvl 32 style, the resist rates would be atrocious. If the styles stay at that level I wouldn't mind seeing more utility from these styles, an evade buff (similar to Friars instacast) and/or a Parry buff would be nice.

    Concerning the aforementioned resist rates on style procs. I would love it if all style proc would just carry a 5-10% chance to resist. Never mind all this level of the style non sense, however if this cannot be done, place Blizzard blade DD 198.9 delve on snowblade, keep snowblade single target. Place snow blade 125.9 DD on Blizzard blade, remains AE. All style levels, positions, prerequisites, and follow ups remain as is.

    Having the PBAOE disease and haste shout perform on par with their counterparts in the other realms would be great, I'd not fair. /Signed. (Ps a ST disease would be great too)
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