US Prime RvR - Rattle your sheild and join the fray

On Saturday, 14. July 2018
Rattle your sheild and join the fray - It's Saturday! July 14 US Prime RvR

Get out from that kitchen and rattle those swords and sheilds

I'm gonna roll me a Luri and stomp that trolls big feet,
'cause I'm a hungry for some fabulous rps!

Silentspeed you're going down! Clumsy you don't have a chance. Albs (to be named later> will fall.

US time - Saturday July 14th - 6:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm Central / 4:00 pm Mountain / 3:00 pm Pacific /

EU players - Saturday July 14th GMT Europe / Germany - at 00:00 AM.

Special Note : The little tiny Luri with the kick-ass look is absolutely no threat to anyone and should NEVER be killed.
Bumblebunny to the rescue !


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