Stumbling Block

I just came back yesterday (last I played was in 2013), got a time code through Origin like they want it to happen, and I ran into a stumbling block while playing. In Jord, the entrance to the Catacombs... I have two quests that take me in there, and it keeps saying that "You do not meet the requirements." or some such thing when I try to zone through.

I emailed support and asked what's up, so until they reply and we get this figured out, I'm stuck. If anybody knows what's up, you know, anybody who has came across this before, I would appreciate the tip on how to fix this. If it isn't fixable outside of support, then I'll just have to watch my time code tick-tock away until they reply.


  • Welcome back! The Catacombs expansion zones are currently disabled to all players. If you have any quests sending you there other than your Epic Quest, please delete them. If you have an Epic Quest that requires you to enter the Catacombs areas, please open an Emergency Appeal (not a Bug Report, this is important!) with a brief description of the issue, and the quest will be advanced for you and any necessary quest items will be placed in your inventory, so that you can continue with the quest. To open an appeal, type /appeal and follow the instructions.

    If there are any issues, please feel free to send me a message!
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