Cinco De Mayo RVR

On Saturday, 5. May 2018
Celebrate Cinco De Mayo!

Throw back that slushy tequila shot, grab your favorite weapon and come join the mayhem. Try a Mimosa Margarita and celebrate the beautiful Mexican culture by bashing in your most feared enemy <looking at you Clumsy>

Hero and the delightfully wasted Hibs challenge the <sigh> Mids and the <Brut Mc Duff looks better as a bat> Albs to battle!

US time - Saturday May 5th at - 6:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm Central / 4:00 pm Mountain / 3:00 pm Pacific /

EU players - Saturday May 5th at GMT Europe / Germany - at 00:00 AM.
Bumblebunny to the rescue !


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