Quest Bug: Mucking Through the Ick (Midgard, Warrior)

Background: Spoke with Yver Tiu in Haggerfell. Received Mucking Through Ick quest. Ran to Audliten and retrieved Silk from Garon. Returned to Audliten and provided Yver Tiu with silk. I was then provided 3 beetle larvae and tasked with feeding the wolf spiders north of Ft. Veldon.

Issue: Upon arrival to Ft. Veldon I located the wolf spiders and attempted to "feed" them. I tried dropping the larvae over the spiders with no response. I also tried /use on the larvae with no response. Also, dropped the item on the ground and no response. I suspect the mobs became unresponsive to the quest when Ft. Veldon was updated and the spiders were moved.
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