Flex weapon line

Does anyone know what changes they made to this over the years?

Specifically for reaver, but I suppose heretic was similar.

I'll start of with what I remember.

I have a rr5 reaver played a little bit into ToA.

I remember

Viper 5 sec stun after block (nerfed)
Anaconda 9 sec stun (nerfed)
Cobra lifetap (nerfed)
Levi (nerfed)

Umm WTF?

Sure Cobra isn't a 4 style chain anymore, good stuff, but no lifetap? And the delve?

Just for reference, Friar banish a LVL 29 style 175 spirit DD

Cobra LVL 44 style 130 spirit DD


A 119 delve? After resists this thing hits for less than the champion level spell with the DD attached.

This line needs to be revisited.
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