My S/S Pally Specs

So I was digging through old S/S footage (not going to post it because its boring) but I decided to share a few specs in case someone fancied trying pure S/S out rather than the norm 2h. Why S/S? as viable as 2handed is, it becomes repetitive very quickly and given the healthpool of players now + hots etc, S/S i just harder to kill people with.

Few i used to pingpong between

34 Thrust
42 Shield (Why slam? sure, its only 5s but its still good in most situations, you generally won't land reactionary shield styles vs heavy tanks or light tanks with high parry/evade)
27 Parry
48 Chants


29 Slash (although you wouldn't have issues hitting people with Amy Slash, you'll get a lot of variance at lower RR's with under 51 comp)
42 Shield (see above)
34 Parry
48 Chants


33 Slash (enough at RR8+)
42 Shield (see above)
40 Parry
40 Chants (40 is sufficient while being so defensive, 40 gives you instant cure disease, that's all that matters when timing your instant heal, the downside being your instant heal is slightly weaker and your AF is slightly less than 48 chants)

Out of the 3, the last one (based on the footage I have) is the one that performed the best overall) - you'll have issues vs wardens and skalds, you can't kill them (unless they play really bad) on a plus side, they can't kill you either, generally skalds will end up just running away and wardens will give up when they realise neither of you is going to die. I always ran 25% heal bonus on my paladin + a fair amount of MoHealing, pretty much all of my procs were..... big heals basically, you can have a significantly lower level IP with so much healing % as well.


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    As for RA's? the only paladin of the three I had that I still have is 8L6, I'd prob go like... purge 4, ip1, parry5, block5, pain5, healing5, aom4, Wild heaing 1, lw1. At 9L1 I'd likely get Ip2.
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  • Update to this

    After talking to people that still play and seeing how many procs/health people have now if you're going S/S you need Brutalize the extra dps from a 10s stun you'd gain is worth soooo much when your opponent can't evade, block or parry... especially when you hit like a wet noodle in comparison to most builds.

    Recommended S/S Specs

    33 Slash (or whatever fits your comp, you could go 39 for rear snare too but you'd have to drop parry quite a bit then)
    50 Shield
    30 Parry
    40 Chants


    34 Thrust (39 is ideally better because of the ASD but 34 is fine too if you hit comp with it)
    50 Shield
    26 Parry
    40 Chants

    Crush - not worth going, crap weapon choices and crap styles.


    Ip1-2 is sufficient IF you have capped healing bonus from template.

    As above at 8L6 with the above spec I'd prob go


    You could juggle it if you want a lower purge timer. Purge3 is fine for soloing though or was when I played. Given groups and adding you won't live for 7:30 or 5:00 for purge to come back up again (especially not as S/S, you won't kill 'that' fast) and quite frankly solo you shouldn't even need to purge that much with MOH5/25% from template + a solid template + instant cure disease, your template will carry you for the most part.

    Master Levels are your choice, you'd pick up a little extra DPS from Battlemaster but significantly higher survival from Warlord. Up to you really, I'd likely go with Battlemaster if Vamps and other classes you can power drain into oblivion are common, otherwise Warlord.
  • Follow-up, this doesn't work btw. S/S is just crap vs any modern template due to health regen procs. Until they're removed, go 2handed.
  • i run 44 slash 42 sh 48 ch 11 parry
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    Follow-up, this doesn't work btw. S/S is just crap vs any modern template due to health regen procs. Until they're removed, go 2handed.

    well i do just fine 1v1 versus any mellee toon.zerks savages bm's vw..i'll pit my s/s pally ganst any failadin any day
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