Quest bugs

Finding the missing smith, Freeing Osier, Piaras and Lhia.

All 3 of these quest break in the middlle. In all 3 the NPCs simply don't talk to you anymore. In the smith quest you give him a ring and when he puts it on he is supposed to die but doesn't.


  • rather disappointing. . .the tree maiden quest in hib si is broken too.
  • That's a lot of quests you are having troubles with. It might be that there is something else that is the reason for it. Please try the following: Travel to your capital city, and speak with the Quest Journalist NPC there. You can find this NPC near the entrance to the Throne Room. Click on all keywords you can see, and then try doing the quests again.

    The reason here is that characters have a list of completed quests (which is something different than your journal of pending quests) and once this is full, completing quests or getting credit for monster kills and encounters may be disrupted. Speaking to the NPC removes some redundant entries on this list.

    Should you still have troubles with these quests, either all of them or just some, please send me a direct message here on the forums with the name of the character and the server it is on!
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