Grats darki on retaking alb relic brief but well done

Good job darki on getting our power relic back finally eu alb have a good leader with balls and brains.
He Absolutely devastated the hib Zerg a few myths were broken
First of all eu Albs can fight and fight well killed him at purp relic keep killed him open field three times and even killed him at one of his towers fun times think I got 2 realm ranks on my sorc .
Secondly the myth that hero likes to fight was broken after 3 defeats he ran away all night hiding in keeps so funny.
Thirdly Albs can’t take keeps well we did against a realm with 4 relics and supposedly the best bg leader around man his ass got kicked severely very funny rofl count went up massively.
Unfortunetly maybe because his pride and confidence was dented hero pved the relic back . Myself a cat called Gerald and a deformed icconnu with an interest in stamp collecting tried defending after all the eu Albs had logged and the USA Albs were probably still queuing at fatburger for dinner.
But it’s cool we lost the relic to a pve Zerg we can live with that but well done to darki and the eu Albs showing alb how it’s done .
Darki will be running Monday’s and Thursdays at 8 pm gmt.


  • LoL Brut.
  • For me, the increased battles and tension is wonderful. Even with the dirt naps that I enjoyed today trying to defend I loved the battles and that the outcome wasn't assured. I hope that we see more action from all the realms around the clock. Well done to everyone who fought today and gratz to the realm rank increase!
    Bumblebunny to the rescue !
  • This is great. Sometimes I wish I could manipulate father time and get all the hours of gaming in that I want but still be successful and have a life. Hero has successfully manipulated his own mind into thinking that playing DAoC 12+ hours a day and being in charge of a zerg IS that wish come true....
  • was good to see the albs with a zerg that did more than roam the island. Hero isnt the best, he just has a lot of followers. He needed an enemy to slap him and wake him up, maybe he will stop being lazy and get after it. The increased action is always welcome.
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