Stuck quests and disappearing appeals

So, my wife and I are stuck on some quests that appear to be bugged. We sent in detailed appeals, and a day or so later the appeals are gone with no ticket # in my inbox, and the quests still unchanged. Are BS just deleting appeals on a whim? Wheres the customer service communication? We need quests fixes to advance to more current content..


  • You usually get a mail when your appeal was solved. Check spam-folder...
    Are these town quests?
  • Just found this:

    It says for example:

    >>Where do I go when I found a bug?
    >>To report a bug, please type ‘/appeal’ followed by the description of the issue you want to report. When you are >>done, hit enter. Pick the Bug Report category in the window that pops up, and follow the instructions.

    >>Please note: You will never be contacted on a Bug Report. These go directly to our Quality Assurance Team. >>When in doubt if the issue you are experiencing is truly a bug, please open an Emergency Appeal.
  • Hey Asp!

    The information Kroko provided is correct, Bug Reports will not be replied to, so if you appealed a quest issue that was determined to be a bug, it was most likely handled as bug report. You can check our Bug Tracker to see if your issues pop up there:

    If you cannot find them there, please send me a message with the name of your account and your wife's (just the names, not the passwords - never give your password to anyone!) and I will check!
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