Horrible Support and do-not-reply@broadsword.com

This is a joke. I've spent over 400 dollars this month on my roster of toons and the run around from your support staff is really disturbing. It's really upsetting to get some of these support emails back that are so horribly copy and pasted.

Not only is that upsetting but the support staff respond with a do-no-reply@broadsword email address so any follow-up information is not getting looked at. Once they close it you need to start another one.

If you're swamped be clear about it instead of closing support questions without reading them or offering to help. It's near impossible to not get ticked off about this entire process of getting help.

I've been trying to get some subscriptions charges looked at as some went though as USD on broadswords website, while EA charges the same price in CND. A link was sent to contact EA but not it spun me in a full circle back to support@darkageofcamelot.com

Really confused and very upset as this process.


  • Hey Prank80,

    sorry to hear about your troubles here. Is the issue still pending? If so, please send me a message here with a brief description of the issue, and the email you used to contact our account support team!
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  • Yes it's still pending. Perhaps you can just take a look instead of me repeating everything again. I'm sorry I just can't find the energy to start this up again for a currency issue. I'll give you my email in a message where you can read the mess between both Broadsword and EA.

    It started off as a currency correction and now I want a full refund for the despicable service.

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