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I'm a returner with the free to play patch. I used to play, a long long time ago. I couldnt follow how to bring my old characters as I cant recall any account details - so I just started again. I layed a couple of days, then as I'm on a much higher spec laptop now, I just tinkered with the resolution in options. Now, my UI is so small I can hardly read it, and it up in the top left 1/8th of the screen. I cant get it back to working as it was, so any help would be great.
(I'm on windows 10, and couldn't access Applications data folder when I tried to look for the UI folder)


  • BTW, I deleted the game and reinstalled, the problem remained which is why I was looking in Applications data for the UI file, thinking I may need to manually delete it.
  • Appdata is stored in: %APPDATA%\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\LotM

    I **think** UI windows settings/locations are stored in there per-character in the ini files.
  • Thanks Ewer, I found the named files there.
    So I'll try deleting them all, re-running the game and if that doesn't work I'll reinstall the game.
  • Deleting the files has spread the UI over 3/4 of the screen, but each box is still too small and unreadalbe.
    On the loading screen after picking a character the text is also much smaller. Its the same size on the screen for selecting the character.

    Maybe I need to ditch the official UI and install the one in your (Ewer's) sig.
    That may solve the problem.
  • Are you 1920x1080 highlight option to run full screen windowed mode?
  • no, Im not.
    I highlight full screen window, but originally it defaulted to a much lower resolution than desk top. (second worst of the available in game resolutions). The problem started when I matched it to the desk top resolution (which I thought was the best thing to do).
    I cant recall off the top of my head what the numbers were, I'll check and post the numbers after I sleep - its early a.m. now.
  • Should I be using 1920 x 1080? is that the ideal?
  • my screen native is 3840x2160, the game defaulted to 1024x768 with full screen window.
    The issue started when I adjusted the game to 3840x2160 and removed the full screen window - it became a very small window.
    I did also see if I could run a second instance while it was a small window, I couldn't, dunno if thats connected. I recall a lot of people used to use a bot account.

    returning the game to its original default value did not solve the problem.
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    Sounds like you need to be in full screen windowed mode. If you aren't and you select a lower resolution in game, (not full screen windowed) then your desktop is it will do something similar to what you're describing.
    Each time you tab to desktop it will have to adjust to the desktop resolution and then sometimes it will bug out and only render a portion of the screen.
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  • Ive re-installed, again. This time I deleted all the files I could find that were left behind after uninstalling. I've got full screen window checked, and tried several resolutions. Ive tried creating new characters and even different realms.
    Nothing worked, the interface text is too small to read and the game is unplayable.

    Any suggestions how I could resolve this would be great.
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    I had a similar problem. My max resolution is 1920x1080.
    What I did is, I disabled both options "windowed" and "full screen windowed". And I played with the resolution, finally choosing 1360x.... And all things were in reasonable size again. If I choose higher resolution, they become small, though.
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  • Thanks Kroko, that's fixed it. As long as I dont check full screen or fullscreen windowed and as long as I use 1369x... everything is reasonable size.
    I knew it had worked from the loading screen after character selection - the tips text was normal (not micro) as it was loading.

    Thanks, at least I can give the free play a reasonable chance.

    But the UI is in need of a scaling function to work with hardware and tech from the last few years - without that, I fear a lot of new/returning people will not be staying around.
  • I think they may put that feature in the near future. A scaling UI had been requested for years but the group at BS is so small and with the game being old everything is a challenge.
  • Downloaded and set up the bob ui options thing, now when I load a toon, the game just crashes, no warnings...
  • You have to download it here:
    Not on the original page
  • Might have downloaded the last patch version and tried to use it this patch....
    I'll give it a go once I'm back from my trip in a couple weeks.
    Hopefully things start becoming clearer with EC by then too.
    Thanks btw!
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