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Bounty point gain was dramatically increased in 1.126 coupled with the fact that the existing costs for Master Levels were already too inexpensive and easy to obtain for such important character progression. With the new bounty point gain increases, the new 450,000 bounty point price tag for ML10 is almost able to be obtained on a new character after they complete the TOA-Bounty quest chain, A Dragon’s Curse campaign, and the [Darkness] quests in Darkness Falls (not to mention the normal monster kills there); all things they are likely to be doing any way as they reach or hit level 50! The experience rewards from those quests (and the Otherworlds campaign) will also have them well on their way to reaching Champion Level 15!

I think this is highly flawed. I just leveled a warrior 1-50, all solo thanks to the glass/dungeon/town quests you have given us. Yet at level 50 I cannot afford any such 450k bp prices as a returning player until I join a curse raid (rarely led on hib/alb, about to be less ran on mid), an OW raid (nobody leads these raids anymore), and doing DF quests (hopefully more should be doing this). None of which i can do by myself or with a friend or two (OW yes, but you need to know what you're doing, and for this instance lets say youre a returning player).

I would suggest an ML1-10 token for completing the chain of glass quests (oceanus, meso, stygia, volcanus, aerus), but make sure they can all be solo-able. It took me 14 hours solo leveling a warrior 1-50 (veteran acct) using only the tutorial, town quests, dungeons, then glass quests to 50. This is MASTER LEVELS we're talking about, not CURSE or any of the previous high-end raid-oriented campaigns/pve events. I think further rewarding a player who chose to take the longer route (14-15 hours solo vs 10 hours in BG) with ML1-10, or hell, even ML1-8/9.

Furthermore, since a veteran account hit 50 by stygia, volcanus and aerus would be further grind for those players, and we could also give these quests enough CL ex to reach CL5. This way if the BG's are too repetitive for you, or the PK is being camped by 6 albs (like the Hills of Claret last night :P), you can stop BG's and go do glass quests (do not add big BP reward to glass quests imo, just ML tokens), finish that, get ml1-10 AND cl5 weapon.

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  • Better yet. Have all .10 bosses drop a OTD ML token for the respective ML line. Easy to add and would allow people multiple approaches to gain MLs instead of grinding BPs or doing the entire line which isn't rewarding beyond nostalgia.
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  • TOA was released in 2003 in one month it will be 2020...

    Why are we having a discussion about MLs is hard to even imagine.
    I 100% agree that 450,000 bps is completely unreasonable.
  • But monehz
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