Friday Grab Bag - 02/15/2019

Time for another edition of the  Grab Bag!

This Grab Bag we've taken some of the hot topics discussed many times on our official forums as our "questions" for this week. While we still have much, much more to say on these topics, we felt, just as much as you asked, that some info was needed right now. For those who sent in specific Grab Bag questions, don't worry we'll return to those soon :)

You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the updates disguised as questions!

Can you give us any information on Endless Conquest’s current progress and what you’re looking at restriction wise?

Endless Conquest development is currently underway and will take the bulk of 2019 to complete.

Our Endless Conquest FAQ has been updated and show’s our current plan:

What can Endless Conquest accounts do and not do?

Please note that some of these may change prior to launch:

Can play for free on the Ywain server.

Can obtain max realm rank.

Can earn Master Levels and Master Level Abilities.

Cannot earn Champion Levels or Champion Level Abilities.

Can fully participate in PvE encounters or quests and earn endgame loot but cannot earn existing alternate currencies.

Can obtain level 50 but cannot use the /rp off and /xp off commands.

The rate of character progression will also be limited.

Will have "classic" buffing rules.

EC-characters must stay in range and be grouped with any other character that they buff or are buffed by for the buffs to work.

Cannot use existing buff potions.

Can play on any pre-existing character of any class as long as the account was previously subscribed.

Newly created characters are limited to the following classes:



















Cannot own or be given permission to access a house or guild house.

Cannot create a guild or be promoted to guild master.

Will have access to all tradeskills except Siegecrafting and Bountycrafting.

Will have access to all three realms on a single account.

One EC-account logged-in per person.

Will not receive veteran-based account rewards.

As you can see, EC accounts will be full-participants in PvE, the game’s economy, and in RvR but will be limited in ways that maintain the integrity of the game and still provide excellent benefits and value to our loyal subscribers!

An official bug/issue tracker is really beyond needed.  Would really help with transparency/reporting and knowing bugs are getting attention.

We agree! We already have one in the works and hope to release it in the coming weeks.

Is there anyway possible that you can fix it that our house merchants and toons will hold more than 200 plat ? It is so annoying to have our gold spread out among toons we don't play often. Also full merchants are filling up the CM’s and make it so hard to find one you can buy from!

The full-merchant issue is one we’ve discussed previously and do have plans to address it in conjunction with the planned Housing update (post-Endless Conquest).

The 200 platinum cap on characters is a much trickier issue. Not only does it affect the game’s economy in drastic ways, there are also significant technical barriers to changing it (which we’ve discussed previously). That said, it is something we’re investigating changing as in general we would like to increase the cap in conjunction with offering game-time-code sales for platinum. We’ll have more news once that investigation is complete!

Is there any update on what’s going on with the Jord crash?

This has been a VERY tricky bug to track down. Until we can pinpoint exactly what is causing the crash for some players (it does not happen to all players all the time) it’s going to remain an issue. While some of our fixes have alleviated the issue for certain players, it is still happening quite frequently for others.

If you are still experiencing the crash frequently, please visit this form and send us your information!

Can we get some updates on Broadsword’s vision for DAoC in 2019 and beyond? What’s on the roadmap?

There will be a Producer’s letter coming soon that will outline this in greater detail but we are happy to share a short outline with you all, now!

Endless Conquest development will dominate the bulk of our time and resources for 2019. It’s a major, major upgrade that we have to get 100% correct. However, there are some features that are part of Endless Conquest that we plan to release as they are ready, instead of holding them for the major launch. With that context out of the way, here’s our 2019 roadmap and beyond:

Endless Conquest preliminary launch features (launched as completed):

Realm vs Realm population-balancing feature

Group-finding and forming improvements as part of this.

User Interface improvements including UI-scaling

Overall progression and economy changes

Web-based community tools such as item search, spellcraft calculator, realm war status, leaderboards, etc.

Content updates throughout the year

Ongoing bug fixes and class changes

New and recurring events

Potentially expanding out the Dynamic Keep Siege objectives to other battlegrounds and the Frontiers.

Monthly Mithril Store updates

The new website launched and tied in with the already-released community-based tools.

The launch of Endless Conquest itself

Post-Endless Conquest:

Catacombs expansion revamp

This involves re-launching the Catacombs zones and content as entirely end-game focused.

Small-group-based PvE encounters and instances with a focus on obtaining unique armor and weapon skins that share existing item stats/abilities.

A major surprise. *wink*

More details to come!

Housing update

Existing housing art revamped!

New housing types and new art!

Update to many of the housing system features

Alternate “progression” server(s)

Subscription-only access

Will have potentially varying alternative rulesets

First server will start out as a “Classic” + Shrouded Isles + Housing ruleset

Will remain in its launch-state for as long as its playerbase wishes (vote-based) and then will advance through the major updates of Dark Age of Camelot’s history until catching up with Ywain’s state, at which point players will be able to transfer to Ywain.

Depending on the success of this server, there may be others added with similar rules but forced advancement/progression, etc.

Full details are currently being discussed and we’ll have more information after the launch of Endless Conquest!

As you can see, we have a lot of exciting developments coming this year and beyond and we look forward to hearing from you to make them the best they can be!

Lots to talk about there, very exciting! Don't forget to head over to our official forums and join the chat :)

That's it for this week, enjoy the weekend!

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