How to Post Raids to Calendar

On Wednesday, 4. April 2018
Anyone who plans a raid in advance can add the raid details to our Event Calendar for anyone to see, ask questions, and attend.

To add a raid, follow these steps:
  • From the main forum homepage (not inside any forum or forum section, but the main page of select New Discussion at the top right hand corner of the forum.The Post New Discussion page loads.
  • Select the Raids and Events board from the top Category drop down list.
  • Enter the raid title and time in the Discussion Title box. Keep this short so it is easily readable on the calendar, e.g. Alb Curse 1-8 7:30PM EST.
  • Select the Month, Date, and Year in the next 3 drop down menus. Note: The date does not show up until you have selected the Raids and Events board from the Category drop down in first step.
  • Enter all the details in the post box at the bottom. Include as much detail as possible so everyone knows what to expect and do beforehand. Bg leader name, where to meet, loot rules, raid rules, etc.
  • Press Post Discussion at the bottom.
  • That's it! Your raid is posted to the Calendar and board where people can ask questions and reply :)

Please stick to raid info only when posting your raid.

Anyone posting fake raids will be moderated.
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