[Hib] Bolgday (RvR-Fun-Event) on 22.11.2018 20:00h CET

On Thursday, 22. November 2018
On Thursday 22. November the guild Suizid-Kommando is celebrating its 14. anniversary (1.8.18) and
invites you all to join our Bolgday RvR fun event!

Bolgday means -> only Firbis allowed to join our BG !!
If you don't own a Firbolg already, it is enough time to roll one

Event will start on 22.11.2018 at 20:00h CET | 19:00h GMT | 11:00h PST | 13:00h CST | 14:00h EST | 06:00h NZST

BG will be private on Gondohir to ensure only Firbolgs can join. We invite you on request.
Have fun !


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