Friday Grab Bag - 03/30/2018

TGIF! Welcome to this week's Grab Bag :) 

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Read on for this week's questions!

Just a simple question, will there ever be any improvements to the graphics? Or perhaps a revamp of the character models?

There are several (very) long-term plans to improve the game’s graphics; specifically involving shader-optimization, higher-resolution textures, grass/tree updates, and some mob/character model improvements. However, graphical updates are not the immediate priority. RvR improvements, Endless Conquest, and UI/UX updates all take precedence for now.

I know it sounds weird but is there any way you could make mounts vaultable? My toons have 2 or 3 mounts in pack just wasting space.

This is on our list of things to tackle! While allowing horses into vaults/house vaults is one potential solution, another one we’ve discussed is adding a (potentially summon-able) stablemaster NPC that will keep track of your available mounts. That would have the added benefit of your mounts not taking up any inventory (or vault) space until they’re needed.

We'd love to hear your feedback on that idea or any other solutions you all might have! 

Is Captain Mack returning this year or is there anyone else where we can redeem the Blood in the Water quest

For those that don’t know, the Blood in the Water quest was part of an old live-event, the Harvest Festival, that involved killing Megaladon in the Irish Sea to receive the Harvest Medal of Honor.

We can take a look at resurfacing (pun intended) this event in the coming fall, likely with an updated reward. For now, you can visit the festival NPCs in Ludlow, Vasudheim, or Ardee to turn-in the Blood in the Water quest if you already have it completed! They won’t offer any new quests, though.

I have a question about the Eldritch. There is an instant spirit resistance debuff in the Shadow Control Skill line. But in the Realm Hibernia, there is no class that deals mainly spirit damage. The question: what is the purpose of this instant debuff?

This spell was introduced in Patch 1.121 as a way to help debuff enemy targets prior to landing a mez or root on them. In conjunction with that change in 1.121, all of Hibernia’s mez/root spells were changed to spirit damage. These spells were also added to Reavers (energy), Valewalkers (spirit), and Valkyries (body) in patch 1.121 and their realms’ mez/root spells were changed accordingly too.

However, the spells have since been removed from those classes due to their synergy with legendary weapons and difficulty in coordinating the debuff with a crowd control class.

The Eldritch version yet remains because they have access to a mez; similarly to how Bonedancers have an instant body resistance debuff that can be used with their root.

It's 2018, can we please be able to input numerical prices, instead of clicking an arrow 45 times for 450g?

That would be nice wouldn’t it!?


However, there are some new keyboard shortcuts (added in Patch 1.124) that will help your weary finger from all that clicking:

The “value chooser” windows that pop up when needing to adjust currency amounts for trades, item stack amounts, or pricing now have the following keyboard shortcuts:

Shift+Left-click will increment the values by 10, as it always has.

Ctrl+Left-click will now increment the values by 100.

Shift+Ctrl+Left-click will now increment the values by 1,000.

Continuing to hold down the Left-click while engaging any of these shortcuts for more than ½ second will cause the value to continuously change without needing to re-click.

Have a great wekend all, and dont' forget to get that bunny!!!! :)

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