Birthday RVR - September 29th. Celebrate the day "The Cow" was born and join in the pixel mayhem!

On Saturday, 29. September 2018

Hero and the stuffed with birthday cake Hibs challenge the grumpy circling Mids and the "drop traps" Albs to combat! Party hats provided for all! Tanks will deliver them to participants on the tip of their swords.

US time - Saturday September 29th at - 6:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm Central / 4:00 pm Mountain / 3:00 pm Pacific /

EU players - Saturday September 29th at GMT Europe / Germany - at 00:00 AM.

Special Note : The little tiny Luri who is totally lost as usual is absolutely no threat to anyone and should NEVER be killed. I'm just trying to find my group :) Somehow they lagged :P
Bumblebunny to the rescue !


  • happy early birthday herorius, ill make sure to come out and give ya someone to fight Saturday, cheers
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