Smite Bug

Level 44 spell + MOF 2 = 50 composite spell. 1000+ casts against the level 50 test dummy yields 13.2% spell resisted rate.

I suspect MOF does not add to spell for this calculation.
Smite spell somehow doulbechecks code (maybe the old heal + nuke code).

Am I doing something wrong?


  • I found similar results on my smite cleric as well.
  • I barely get resisted on my SM .. Noticeably different.
  • Working as intended.

    You are just too powerful and need a nerf.

    You cannot have the ability to hit someone for 3k+ damage when you drop all of your bane-lord abilities, vendo and hit with a slow 2h sword.

    er.. I mean when you bolt someone with a fireball... no...

    when you pbaoe... hmmm

    Oh wait. You're a smite cleric with ascension every 10 minutes. hmm

    eh, nerf him anyway. haha


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